Excitement Outside Our Little Office

Yesterday we had a big accident outside of my office. No one was hurt thank god but there were 4 cars involved and it took a long time for them to figure out who was at fault I guess. We were just getting back from lunch when it happened and it happened as soon as we got back. It was a good thing to because we would have been stuck in the traffic that was completely blocked. It would have taken at least an hour to get down our street to get back to the office. There were 5 tow trucks 3 fire trucks an ambulance and 3 police cars. One of the cars was really mangled and wouldn’t even roll.


I went outside to talk to the cops that were just hanging out on the broad sidewalk in front of our office. He said they weren’t sure who was at fault because there were so many cars involved and the reason it was taking so long was one of the tow trucks accidently backed into the other tow truck causing another huge problem. The cops name was Bob and he said he knows all the towing guys in Jacksonville. He was not happy about the tow trucks getting tangled up during all the commotion. He told me if I ever needed a good towing service I should call Able Wrecker and that they would take care of me. He even gave me their card. He was adamant that I use them when I was in trouble with my car. Here’s a link to their website I got off their card. A-able Wrecker Inc. it’s a towing service – Website. That’s what life’s like in the city. We love it here.

Making Home Improvement Hassle-Free

Aside from the price issues of home improvement jobs, there are many other issues when you decide to redo an area of your home that can bring a huge amount of anxiety. Contingent on the space you are remodeling and the amount of work needed, home improvement work can be an experience that puts your whole family in a disarray and could take some time to be completed.

One of the areas in which pressure can be high is the fact of having workers (strangers) in your home remodeling your property. Numerous homeowners have begun to do their own remodeling work, but the issue remains that there are some home improvement jobs, like installing flooring, that needs a pro to do. Moreover, many folks don’t have the time to attempt their own home improvements. In these circumstances, the homeowner has to deal with folks he or she don’t know coming in and out of their home every day.

For a lot of us, our home is our oasis, where we get away from the rest of the world, relaxing and unwinding.  When you have home improvement contractors in your home, it dips into your private time. For this reason, you need to let workers know the rules of your home. They work for you not the other way around, so what you say goes since it is your home.

If you don’t like the workers using certain areas of the house that aren’t getting remodeled, let them know right up front. Make sure to give them the preferred way of getting inside and leaving your home. It may sound weird, but you should think about getting to know your home improvement contractors. It could get some of the anxiety to be gone when the thought of have strangers in your house.